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A family-owned and operated retail chain offering a variety of accessories and repair services for smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles. Here at Repair Boss we are obsessed with every imaginable gadget and gizmo. It's that simple! We know how essential your device is to you and we pride ourselves on over six years of expertise resulting in countless satisfied customers. 


We understand breaking your device is one of the most frustrating and unpleasant feeling imaginable. Our main goal is to instantly make you feel better the moment you walk in one of our stores. What we do goes much deeper than just quickly repairing devices and building long-lasting relationships with our customers is even more important to us.


We are absolutely passionate about device repairs and accessories and to us its not just a job but a life mission. We are passionate about fixing cracked screens and outfitting devices. Our inspiration comes from seeing a smile on our customer's faces. After all, that's what it's all about!


Repair Boss stores and kiosks are simply unique. Our attention to detail and welcoming vibe can be felt the minute our customers visit one of our locations. We strive to create an unrivaled customer service experience where everyone feels comfortable. So don’t wait any longer and come check us out, we promise you it will definitely be worth your while!

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Repair Boss is constantly looking for opportunities to expand its brand and truly become a leader in the device repair and accessories  industry. We are constantly looking for energetic, dedicated and most importantly passionate people to join our awesome team. Call us today to discuss our open positions and begin your journey as a true Repair Boss!

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